Special Sale: 10 for $25 SHIPPED FREE

Limited quantities of PRACTICE SHOFARS available.

Limit: 1 Order per Chabad House


Let’s face it, before going live with the Shofar Factory, you (or the bochrim coming to do the Shofar Factory,) need to practice drilling shofars. With the rising prices for goat horns and this year’s shortage, why practice on your first quality horns? Here is a chance to measure, cut, drill, sand, etc. with real shofars for a fraction of the cost. Why are we selling these horns for so little? These arrived with our order of regular shofars, so what’s wrong with them? Some have external blemishes, some are too straight, some are too curvy, too small, etc., or just not up to our high standards to distribute to the public. We paid our suppliers full price for these horns, but because they are not up to par, we just use them for our new shofar factory staff to get started. We buy thousands of shofars every year so we also get plenty of these lower grade shofars. They are perfectly clean and good for practice, and remember, practice makes perfect!

Price: $25.00