PREDRILLED - Small Goat Horns - 5"-7.5"


Very LIMITED quantities. Pre-order, allow 5 days for preparation.

These horns are the same as the Small Goat Horns above, but all the measuring, cutting, drilling, and mouth piece has been done for you. Meaning that they will be shorter than they were before...., but just kosher. Kids will need sanding block sponges, clear gloss waterbase polyurethane shellack, paint brushes to finish them off. (And occasionally, a wire probe to keep the mouthpiece clear.) If you can't get any decent shofars from your supplier and desperately need something for the kids to take home. And they might learn how to blow shofar on these - a little high pitched, but hey, it's a shofar, a 'pocket shofar'. Plan early next year!

Price: $7.50