Rank Badges

Rank BadgesTzivos Hashem is an advancement program, where children during the year go up in Rank by doing Torah and Mitzvos. This program can also be used in summer camps, which by learning and reciting various materials (from the Tzivos Hashem Handbook, or camp's Torah B'al Peh program), campers can accumulate points, earning ranks from Private to General. Click here to learn how this works.
Sergeant (boys) Sergeant (boys) $0.50
Sergeant (girls) Sergeant (girls) $0.50
Sergeant MajorSergeant Major$0.50
Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant$0.50
First LiuetenantFirst Liuetenant$0.50
Brigadier GeneralBrigadier General$0.50
Liuetenant GeneralLiuetenant General$0.50
Major GeneralMajor General$0.50
2 Star General2 Star General$0.50
3 Star General3 Star General$0.50
4 Star General4 Star General$0.50
Your Camp LogoYour Camp Logo$225.00