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if you can't afford to buy or cannot get a local taxidermist to rent you some horned animal mounts, here is a selection of 10 posters of different horned animals to use as a display or backdrop.

Here are some examples of what posters are included:


The Sable Antelope has beautiful curved horned horns which would make an impressive shofar. But go and try to find one. By the way it's also an endangered species so look out for the animal rights activists.

One might think to enhance the mitzvah of Shofar by using a really exotic (not to mention exotic) ivory shofar by making it out of the curved tusk of an Indian Elephant. Two problems here: Elephants are not kosher; and a tusk is a tooth, not a horn.

The horn of a Gemsbok Antelope from Africa (pronounced 'Hemsbok') is straight rather than curved. It would be a kosher shofar only in case of emergency.

Musk Ox

A Giraffe is a kosher animal that has horns. However its horns are made of dense bone not a hollow 'Shofar' which implies a hollow tube.

The same applies to the antlers of a Deer, Moose or Elk.

Let's consider a Musk Ox. It is a kosher animal, has nice curved horns which are hollow. The problem is that the ox, like the cow, bull, buffalo or bison, is reminiscent of the 'Eigel Hazohov' and 'Eyn kateigor naase saneigor'. (Notice the calf there on the left.)

The traditional Shofar is a finely crafted Ram's horn. It is used by Jews everywhere because it reminiscent of the Akeda which signifies Hashem's promise to Avrohom and Yitzchok to make their descendants His chosen people and highlights a Jews readiness for self sacrifice for Hashem.

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