DIY Menorah Kit

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The Ultimate Chanukah Project for Kids!

Menorah & Kid"Kids everywhere are building their own beautiful Menorah's, with this easy Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Chanukah Menorah Kit."
The Kit makes a beautiful hardwood Menorah with brass finish cups for use with oil decanters or candles. With this user-friendly kit your Menorah is a fully functional masterpiece and ready to light in 15 minutes. Easy to assemble even by young children, with no sawing, glue, nails or experience required
WedgelocksThe DIY System: An innovative system of plastic keys (called wedgelocks) eliminates the need for nails or glue and allows for strong joint connections resulting in a very stable, freestanding Chanukah Menorah. When Chanukah is over the Menorah can be disassembled and repacked in its box for next year.
TOOLS NEEDED: Phillips screwdriver, small hammer (or mallet), shellac and paintbrush.

Menorah Diagram
  • Ages 7 and up
  • A great Chanukah gift idea!
  • Can be used with candles or oil decanters
  • No glue or nails required
  • Assembles in less than half an hour
  • Can be assembled for temporary or permanent use
  • A great class project
Your DIY Kit will produce THE REAL THING; a usable ChanukahMenorah, that will approximately resemble the trueshape of the Golden Menorah which was in the BeitHaMikdash in Jerusalem.

When Moshiach comes we will see the Golden Menorah illuminating the courtyardsof the Beit HaMikdash not only on Chanukah but every day!

Menorah Icon The Real Menorah Menorah Icon

Have you ever wondered what the original "Menorah" (Candelabra)looked like in the Beit HaMikdash (The Holy Temple in Jerusalem)?
Titus MenorahSome people think that it had round arms and a double hexagon base like the statue carved by the Romans on the Arch of Titus in Italy.
Rambam MenorahThe Lubavitcher Rebbe pointed out that in recently discovered manuscripts of the great Talmudic codifier Maimonides (Rambam), we find a hand drawn illustration of how the Beit HaMikdash Menorah is supposed to be built. This drawing is very different from the popular idea of the Menorah.
Menorah DrawingThe truth is,
that according to Jewish tradition, the Menorah was made of pure gold, had straight arms, and stood on a round base.
Kid Lighting The Lubavitcher Rebbe (founder of Tzivos Hashem) suggested that even small boys should light a Chanukah Menorah of their own.
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