OAK BARREL 5 GAL. for Grape Juice

SKU: MB114

(Wooden Spigot Included)

Authentic brand new solid oak barrels for a rustic looking wine decanter. Every kid can serve himself some mevushaldike grape juice to practice how to recline when drinking the wine.

These 5 gallon barrels are brand new and are not the cheap wax sealed barrels. Comes shellacked with a wooden spigot.


This prop is for those Model Matzah Bakeries which add the element of the Four Cups to their mini-seder after the baking is done. Set it on a table lying on its side (as seen) on a stand like a milk box. Fill up the barrel using bottled grape juice that is mevushal, you never know who will come into the room! Fill the grape juice (water it down if you like) from the corked opening. Let the kids line up to get a well deserved cup of grape juice for the Mini-Seder. They will love how the wooden spigot works. After saying a brocho, remind the kids that it is a mitzvah "recline when you drink the wine."

This item also encourages a discussion about how kosher wine (or grape juice) is made, i.e. that the production of the wine from the pressing to the bottling, and even the handling should only be done by Jews.


Click here for discussion of why it is inadvisable and halachically improper to press grapes as a wine making activity in this workshop. (pdf file)

HOW TO USE: Before using, these oak barrels need to be filled with water to swell prior to filling with grape juice. They may leak at first and eventually swell and seal themselves. Obviously do this outdoors or indoors in a large container like a tub. Rinse out each day and leave some water inside. Be sure not to leave the grape juice in the barrel overnight or otherwise you WILL end up with wine!

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