MATZAH OVEN (For Model Matzah Baking)

SKU: MB105

If you are planning a major Model Matzah Bakery, here is a double decker oven with the largest amount of space of a tabletop oven we could find at a good price. Each baking stone almost 20" square with lots of room between shelves. It reheats almost instantly, even after opening and closing the door. Comes standard as a 120V or 220V. At a peak temperature it gives you a powerful 650°F, drawing a modest 15.0 amps, which means you are less likely to blow a fuse.

- Keep in mind that new Fire Department regulations may require that the oven be vented. You may want to do this anyway to prevent burning matzahs from filling your Model Matzah Bakery with smoke. Use a ducted range hood.

- If you only plan on making a small Model Matzah Bakery and want to economize consider using a regular kitchen oven and line the shelves with Pizza Stones or Baking Stones from a Restaurant Supply store.

Oven corner set-up for the Model Matzah Bakery

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Price: $1,575.00