Matzah Boxes

SKU: MB100
Matzah Boxes at an amazing price:

The more you order the less you pay!

1 - 500 - $.95 each
501 - 1000 - $.82 each
1000+ - $.75 each

Distribute Shmura Matzah in a beautiful Matzah box designed for one (or two) full
sized Shmura Matzos. The full color design describes the importance of eating shmura matzah and features pictures describing the Pesach seder mitzvos.

Send off the kids with a shleimah that gets home in one piece with this eye catching full color Matzah box for mass distribution.

To further prevent the Matzah from breaking, it is advisable to wrap each matzah in tissue paper (20"x30") before packaging in the box.

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