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Let's Bake Matzah DVD by Rabbi Sholom Ber Goldstein

This is a documentary about how shmurah matzah is made. It features a section on kosher wine making at the end.

Description: The best time to show this video is before the children take part in the model matzah bakery. This way they know the importance of each step of the shmurah matzah baking process and can appreciate the meaning of the different activities that they will be mimicking.

At Tzivos Hashem, we send this video to the school in advance of the model matzah bakery, so that the classes can view it in the days prior to the model matzah bakery visit.

It is not recommended to show videos when doing the model matza bakery, but rather to use the living personality of a chassid to interact with the kids. If you must keep an early arriving group, or you are running later and don't have the manpower to entertain them this may be a way out. But in the first place, always try to have a person who represents Torah and mitzvos al pi chassidus to befriend the kids because this is not an opportunity they will often get.

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